California Rolls is an Authentic Asian Cuisine Restaurant New to Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach.  This cutting edge Asian Fusion concept at 715 N. Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach has come to us from China where there are 6 other locations in Guangzhou their third largest city.   This concept has combined an intense Chinese style with a focus on quality, and consistency as well as many Japanese favorites.


Fresh Quality Sushi rolled to order. The quality proteins selected are as fresh as you will find, and the slight nuances in the sushi rolling will offer you an exciting and new Sushi experience.  The Head Chef Guoling Luo (Jerry) spent two years as the understudy to one of Japans most famous Sushi Chef’s.  He was brought to the Grand Strand from New York, and has been taking care of guest for the past two years at the Four Seasons under the Master Chef.  His attention to detail, and demand for perfection has a huge influence on the other 5 classically trained Asian Chef’s that also came to Myrtle Beach straight from NYC.  This Restaurant is in one of the most popular areas in The Grand Strand’s history.  Today, with the improvements that the City has done with the boardwalk, and the new different Styles of dining on the Blvd This fresh new concept has an Amazing variety, and offers everything from Rolled Sushi, to Hibachi style meals.


We are serving Fresh Sushi daily at 715 N. Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach at an address that has seen the Sun rise and set everyday for the last 50 years.  Positioned at the corner of 8th ave N, and Ocean Blvd in Downtown Myrtle Beach.  They offer you a wonderful dining experience, and a fantastic view of the ocean.  The Boulevard teams with people walking, and searching for a memorable dining experience, and California Rolls have made a commitment to doing just that.  Making a Memory that will bring them back year after year.